Making Oral Care Automatic

It's Dental Hygenius

Kiss Your Worn-out
Toothbrush Goodbye!

Be honest, how old are the toothbrushes you and your family are using? If you have to stop and think about it, chances are it’s well past time to replace them. Dental pros like Dr. Sally recommend replacing toothbrushes every three months for optimal oral health. But who has time to remember that? We get it, and we’re here to help. Smile, Dr. Sally’s subscription service has you covered, delivering new brushes to your doorstep every three months!

Soft-But-Strong Bristles

Experience gentle, effective cleaning every time you brush.

Designed by Dentists

Dr. Sally puts her professional expertise into every brush. Your family will love them!

Busy Mom-Approved

Dr. Sally’s subscription service is perfect for busy moms (or dads). After all, she is one.

Shopping Single?

If you need an extra toothbrush or a quick replacement, Dr. Sally’s offers one-time purchase options too!

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